Beaudelaire offers a unique dining experience.

 Centered around Brasilian latin fusion cuisine we offer an eclectic menu with rotating specials.

Please inform your server of any food allergies or restrictions you may have. 

café beaudelaire


Veggies and Grains 

Heart of palm: the center of a palm tree with similar taste and texture to artichoke hearts with a citric flare. 

Farofa: Roasted ground yucca seasoned with onion and garlic. *Gluten free*

Yucca Fries: Fries made from cassava, a tuberous root plant with a starchy flavor seasoned with lime and a kocher salt and pepper mix, served with garlic mayonnaise. 

Brazilian Fries: Wedges potatoes seasoned with kocher salt and pepper mix and served with mayonnaise

Meats and Cheeses

Parmaggiano reggiano: Very fine aged Italian parmesan 

Crema: Equal parts  sour cream and cream, served on bean dishes 

Chorizo: Smoked Spanish sausage with a little kick. 

Linguica: High quality Portuguese chorizo with red pepper flakes. 

Chorizo gravy: Country gravy with two types of chorizo, served with our biscuits and gravy.  Adds an excellent spicy kick to a traditional dish.  

Andoullie sausage: French sausage similar to chorizo with slightly less of a kick. 

picanha: The steak in our steak and eggs brunch option, a very fine, tender cut of beef, part of the coulotte.  

Allergies and dietary restrictions

We pride our self on our ability to provide delicious food options to everyone, including those with dietary restrictions.  Please inform your server of any allergies and restrictions so we can help provide a safe and fulfilling dining experience.  Particularly with egg, dairy, and strawberry allergies so we can assure fresh cooking utensils are utilized in the preparation of dish or drink.


Modifications to menu items preparations:

Gluten free: If you require gluten free options, please inform your server so we can have the kitchen prepare your meal in a separate pan rather than on the grill next to other wheat items.  Menu items that can be prepared gluten free include: 

  • All sandwiches and salads
  • Iron Veggie
  • Feijoada
  • Yucca fries
  • Brazilian fries

*Note: we have a single fryer, if you have a severe gluten intolerance our appetizers may not be appropriate for you due to cross contamination from wheat-based appetizers. 

Vegetarian options

Our delicious bean veggie patty can replace any patty in our sandwiches (these patties do use an egg binder)

We offer several vegetarian dishes including:

  • Vegetarian gyro
  • Greek and Green Salads
  • Iron Vegetarian 
  • Many others

Vegan options

The following dishes can be made vegan with the stated modifications, just let your server know you'd like it made vegan 

  • Iron Vegetarian: without crema
  • Garlic spaghetti: without parmesan
  • Brazilian and yucca fries: without side of  mayo