Sophie Puente


Walter Jahncke IV
 Station Chef and Server
Max Fernandes
Server and Bartender
Nick Bergen

Bar Manager

Herbert Dardano
Kitchen Assistant
Jordan Ahrens
Cutest and Best Bartender
Lydia Romitti
Dani Carter

Beaudelaire is always looking for motivated, hard working individuals to join our team, applications are available in store.  We can't wait to hear from you! 

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Cafe Beaudelaire is the Soul of Brasil in the Heart of Iowa. Beau-del-aire, derived from the French poet Baudelaire, roughly translating to beauty of the air. Opened in 1990, Cafe Beaudelaire has always been a place to meet individuals from all over the world and share in their experiences. Our focus on quality and presentation gives life to our Brasilian fusion cuisine and drinks. Come enjoy our atmosphere and try something different, unique, and fresh.

Claudio Gianello

Owner and General Manager

Joseph Dodson

Chief Administrative Officer

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Ana-Maria Gavranovic


Ceasar Victor


Brittany Chapman
Server's Crew Leader

 staff favorite :) 

Gabrielle Gianello

Everyone's favorite server...

Ashley Navratil

Server Manager

Meet the past and present staff!

Phil DeLarme

Night Manager

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Claudio and Kellie Gianello